Natural Gas is Profitable

LNG accounts for 76% of residential and commercial energy demand

Natural Gas is Abundant

2,203 trillion cf is recoverable in the United States.

Natural Gas is Every Where

U.S. consumes 5.46 trillion cf per year

Investing in Natural Gas is Profitable Using Henry Hub

When used to generate electricity, natural gas burns cleaner than other fuel sources, with less pollutants.

Natural gas is the only fuel alternative that can power heavy-industry trucks and buses, among the busiest vehicles on the road. By focusing on large public and private fleets, America can ease its dependence on foreign oil, dramatically reducing emissions and create clean energy jobs in America.

There are numerous leases available for drilling and development of Natural Gas, but only a select few meet the stringent criteria of Energy Equity Group. Partners of Energy Equity Group also have an array of producing and royalty interests available for consideration.

Many oil and gas companies choose to sell their producing interests to develop other potential prospects. These interests are not normally made public and some are available through Energy Equities Incorporated.




Natural gas futures are: The third-largest physical commodity futures contract in the world by volume. The Henry Hub is widely used as a national benchmark price for natural gas.   This is an independent, stand-alone commodity


Energy Equity Group is focusing on crude oil, natural gas, and clean energy development. Energy Equity Group is a growing company taking an integrated approach which includes and is not limited to companies in alternative energy, exploration, oil and gas services, pipelines, natural gas services and lease bank acquisitions. The company has pursued a policy of drilling in areas of proven production, primarily in the geographical areas of Texas. Joint ventures with accredited investors and our industry partners get monthly statements showing the amounts of oil and/or gas sold, the price received, and the net revenue due the investor.